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At the lessons we were comparing the life of Americans and Native Americans or Indians. We can talk or write about it generally. But the situation is not black and white. There can be very poor Americans and successful Native Americans or Indians. If you want to learn more about this challenging topic I would suggest reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. The book is available in our school library. But for the beginning, the reading of the two chosen articless would do.

Alenka G. Nikšič

In America there is a population of 256 million. 1.2% of the population is Indian. Indians now llive in modern houses, drive fast cars. But they still try to keep their culture. They still make in their free time shoes, rugs… But not a lot of Indians have a job. They are poor. But Americans have a big economy. They drive fancy cars and they have a lot of drive-ins. Like drive-in laundries, banks, restaurants and also drive-in movies where you can park your car and watch the movie on the big screen. Indians and Americans now both go to school every day. Americans live in houses, not flats. American economy makes a lot of money and they have a big economy with cars. Indians have started to speak English now. And Americans have a big influence on young people all over the world.

Neža Primc, 9.a

Native Americans and Americans don’t have the same type of life. America has a population of 256 million, 95% of Americans and 5% of native Americans. Indians live on reservation and they are under control of white people. Americans have a strong economy. Unemployment is very high for Indians. Nowadays, more and more young Indians speak English and go to the collage. This is very important, because they need more and more educated Indians to handle better with conflicts between them and white people. Indians live in poverty on reservations. Old Indians have old style of life. They still make shoes by themselves, go to the bed at sunset and get up at sunrise. All tribes that were separated in the past are now back to fight for their rights together.

Nadija, 9.a

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