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Reading is great, 7th to 9th class

If you want to improve your English, reading is the best. It helps you to be better at the language, but it also opens the unknown worlds for you.

We went to Nigeria (Africa) and to Japan (9th class). We checked on two different teenagers, one in England, the other in Canada (8th class). And we read about a lonely schoolboy in the modern world and about a young slave in the Roman times (7th class).

Alenka G. Nikšič


The Bride Price

The story is about a girl named Akunna, who lived in Nigeria, Africa. She had to move to another city, Ibuza, to her mother, because her father passed. She had to obey old habits in that part of Africa. The book talks about Akunna’s forbidden love for her teacher and her hate for the boy she had to marry. She had to be married, so that her uncle will get a good bride price for her.

This is when I don’t agree with the story. I didn’t like that the girl was unimportant and useless just because she lost her father or didn’t have a husband.

Vita, 9.a


47 Ronin

When Lord Asano drew his sword on Lord Kira one spring day in 1701, Lord Kira lived, but Lord Asano died. And after his death, his samurai became ronin. And so began their long plan for revenge on Lord Kira. This is a story that now is a national legend in Japan.

The book was quite good. It was not boring because there was action.

Jaka, 9.a


Anne of Green Gables

The book is about a girl, Anne, who comes from an orphanage. A brother and sister adopted her. But first they wanted a boy to help them on the farm. They didn’t want a girl. What will happen?

The book is great and fun for people who like to read. The book is for all ages. I also watched a Netflix series and I liked it. I think you would also like the book and the series.

Lana, 8.c


Billy Elliot

This book talks about Billy Elliot. He has to go into a box club but he wants to dance ballet. His life is hard since he has got a brother and father who don’t support him with dance. And he doesn’t have mother.

I think the book is not hard to read. The book is very good.

Jakob, 8.c


Who am I?

The story called » Who am I? « is a short book in English. It talks about a boy named Vic. He doesn’t have any friends, so he is lonely. Soon he gets a new neighbour. His name is Will and he is in the same class as Vic. So Vic grabs a chance to befriend him and invites Will to sit next to him on the school bus. Because their friendship doesn’t end up good, Vic does something bad and gets in big trouble. Why is Vic in trouble? Find out yourself.

Iza, 7.a


Tiro’s story

I really liked Tiro’s story and I really recommend reading it. It was great fun and it was not that hard to understand it. The words are not hard.

I really enjoyed reading it.

The story talks about Tiro, the slave. He and Lyco needed to get to Pompei, said their dominus or master. When they arrived to Pompei, everything started to shake. They did survive, but their dominus did not because he needed to get his friend across the bay and some rocks hit him because the volcano erupted.

Tilen, 7.a


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