Skoči na glavno vsebino


It’s good to be in nature. It is healthy. You can walk or run or cycle. You can enjoy the view. There is fresh air. There are birds and trees.

Alenka G. Nikšič

We had sports day last week, we went to st. Jakob.

We went from Ljubljana. I liked the view the most, the

sun was shining so it was really a beautiful day to go for the

hike. I really hope that we will go to another hike soon.

Neva, 7.a

On Thursday, our class and our teachers went on a hike to St. Jakob. We gathered in front of the school at 7:30. Each student got one sandwich. We took the bus to the foot of the hill. Then we started walking.                                                                                  

We took breaks in between. As we walked, we saw many different mushrooms, like a fly agaric. They were very beautiful. When we were already high on the hill, we saw cows grazing in the pasture.

When we were walking, we passed the church.  In front of the church, there are big old trees. We walked straight and there we saw a beautiful view on the  forest and meadows. And a little bit later we were on the top of the hill of St. Jakob.

The view was really beautiful. There we saw a lot of little houses and a big forest.

I think, this day was very beautiful and interesting. Forest is for me a peaceful place and for that I like it.

Gaja, 7.a

Thursday, 12th Oct. 2022, we went on a hike to Sv. Jakob. We went on a bus at 7.30. We were dropped in Ljubljana. Then we walked to the hill. At first we had some time to rest. It was every 10 minutes, it was a break. But then we walked for about 45 minutes without any breaks. We walked for 2.5 hours, because we went on the longer way. Some children went on a short way, they walked for 1 hour. If you ask me, this isn’t fair. When we arrived at the church (Sv. Jakob), we ate some food and about a half hour later we went back to the bus. We needed to wait for others, because they went on the wrong road. We came to school at 3 pm.

Erik, 7.a

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