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8th class, About environment

Environment is hot potato. It’s really important that we are aware of the necessity of taking care of it. The two 8th graders have written an article on the topic. You are welcome to read the articles and act and react as much as you can. With best wishes to our environment in New Year 2022!

Alenka G. Nikšič

    Environment is very important to me, and I think it should be to everyone. We live in it now and are going to for a while. So we need to take care of it.

   Shopping and environment are connected in many ways. For example: what do you buy?, how much do you buy?, how do you go to the shop? ect. So, what can we do? If you live close enough, you can go to the shop by bike or walk there instead of going by car. We can buy produtcs that have recyclable packaging and buy local products.

    Disasters are of course bad for everyone. Tornados, especially the big ones, can cause big damage to the environment.  In drought there is usually a shortage of water and very dry weather. The dry weather can lead to fires.

    What can we do personally? We can buy less things we don`t really need. We can walk where it`s not too far. We can recycle and make things we can ourselves, so we don`t buy new ones all the time.

Zarja, 8.a

Environment is more and more common theme nowdays but it has also become a big political and economic problem for our world.

For me environment means everything connected with nature and animals but I also think about pollution and consuption (i.e. the action of using up a resource) which is a situation that needs to be solved.

Environment and shopping are connected in many different ways. If you go shopping by bike it’s good for the environment, but you don’t  always have that option so you can go by bus which is better for the environment too. Almost everything that you buy in a shop has its own package and you need to recycle it in the right way or you can bring your own bag with you. You can produce some local food at home, like vegetables and fruit and these are healthier than the ones that come from countries far away. In the last few years producing food at home is becoming more and more popular. The downside is that local food is exspensive.

Environment and disasters are linked because, for example, all traffic and factories are warming the atmosphere and this is why glaciers are melting and oceans are rising. And because atmosphere is warming there are more tornados, and drier weather. And becouse of drier weather there are fires in nature.

About keeping environment clean, I can plant my own vegetables and recycle things.

Nejc, 8.a

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