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9th class, Tell me about Arrow

Arrow is the main character in the book with the title The Cellist of Sarajevo. What do Luka Č., Luka P. and Dijana think about Arrow? You can borrow the book in the school library and find out by yourself.

AG Nikšič

Arrow is a sniper in Sarajevo and she is very good at her work. Arrow is not really her real name. She took the name Arrow because of the war. She hates the feeling of having to kill and hating. At the end Arrow decides that she will stop with the killing and hating, so she doesn’t pick up the gun and kill the men that are trying to kill her. She doesn’t do that because of the cellist. She wants to be in free Sarajevo again, not in Sarajevo that is at war. These feelings are important because she finally found peace.

Luka Č., 9.a

Arrow isn’t Arrow’s real name. Her real name is Alisa. She has to kill snipers on hills around Sarajevo. She is good at her work because she killed one sniper. She is scared about war. At the end she decides to stay at her flat because she doesn’t have other choice. She doesn’t like the feeling when she has to kill someone. Feelings are important because of angry feelings. You can also feel sad and then other people can feel your sadness. Because of bad feelings you can become sick like depression.

Dijana, 9.a

Arrow is a girl who is the best sniper in Sarajevo. Arrow is not her real name. Arrow hates the war. She doesn’t like killing people. At the end she decides that she won’t kill anymore and she hides. She doesn’t like the feeling of guilt that she has bedause of killing people. Feelings are important because if we wouldn’t have feeling we would be numb and everyone would do bad things because they wouldn’t feel anything.

Luka P., 9.a

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