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I think that technology is  bad for us. You can learn many things but now almost nobody reads books. There are E-books but they are not the same as real books. And you can not read E-book for two hours beacuse your eyes will hurt. I do not think that we have a big problem with TV. We have a big problems with phones. They are addictive. We have come that far when the phone makes a sound we immediatly rush to it. We have them everywhere we go.

We use computers for school, jobs or just to entertain ourselves. We start watching TV at very young age. This is not good beacuse our brain can not develop properly. We have to read more so our brain will be able to develop.

Nejc, 9.b

The bad sides of the screen are, it disrupts your sleep, it effects your emotional health, increases depression. The screen makes you neglect responsibilities, makes you more anxious and stressed out.

Too many hours of watching screens may even cause phyisical damages to your brain. Too much watching of screens is even more dangerous with teens. When their brain is still growing and it leaves some unpleasant remarks. Too much watching of screen as a teenager leaves lasting damage in to your adulthood.

So trying to take time doing other things, like exercises. For example sports, cooking, dancing, doing diffrent hobbies, will help your brain and you grow as a person. Some tips to stop watching to much screen are for example, to download an app that tells you how much time you spend on screen per day. Trying to do other things, that our body sees more helpful and not making them seem like chores helps our mental state. Thus making us feel happier with every task we do. The more you limit your screen time per day, the more you can do.

Grega, 9.b

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