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In the 8th class,  we started the school year with the description of the holidays. This way I was getting to know the pupils and we revised The Past Simple.

            I have chosen two compositions. The first one is by the girl who moved to Slovenia and the second one is more or less typical holiday.            

the teacher, AG Nikšič

Summer holidays

            It is my turn to recount my summer vocation. My summer vocation wasn’t a vocation at all, just extra commitments and worries. It was time to move on and start a new beginning. I’ve never moved in my life so it all seemed awful to me.

            I didn’t know exactly what I was doing and I believed that the move was just a temporary change of location and that I would go back to where I started. I didn’t know it, in fact, I felt it. This move was more traumatic than I thought It was. So much worry about how I will and whether I will fit. Meet new friends. Will I have a hard time learning because I won’t understand anything because of the language. Of all these negative things I forgot the positive ones. I thought about all that it would look like. New environment, school, society, language… I used to have a desire to go back to my old life as if nothing had happened.

I forgot to say how sad it was to watch all those crying faces of my family with the fact that we were leaving. It was hard for all of us but we had to come to terms with it. That’s how my summer vocation ended, which I hope will be much nicer and better next year.

Nadija Vikić, 8.a

My holidays

I started my holidays very easy going. I was at home playing some video games with my friends. I went for some walks with my family and I played with my brothers. We played ball and some legos.

After a couple of weeks I have made an arrangment with my grandparents. I stayed there for a week, feeding the chickens and gardening. I was actually bored since I have no friends there.

When I got home, I stayed at my other grandparents. They live in the same house as I do, but going there still feels like holidays. My grandmy always cooks what I want. My uncle is renovating an old house and I helped him.

We didn’t go to the seaside, but we did go on different trips around our country. We’ve seen some new places and visited old friends. I also went swimming in Atlantis, which is in our capital city. It was so much fun and I could stay there for the whole day. I really enjoyed it and we went there for four or five times.

I played outside with my friends a lot. We rode bidycle, played hide and seek and some basketball. One evening we built a tent and slept outside.

Leon Luzar, 8.a

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