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9th class: Going abroad

Some of the students went abroad. Let’s see how it was.

Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič


On Wednesday, May 25, we left for Rome at 10 pm. The ride took about 8 hours. When we finally arrived to Rome in the morning we made a short stop and continued our drive to ancient Rome. We looked at the ancient monuments of ancient Rome; Angel Castle by the Tiber River; Navon square; Pantheon; Piazza Colona with the pillar of Marcus Aurelius and the Government Palace; the famous Fontana Di Trevi, where we threw coins with the wish; Piazzo Venezia- Capitol; the mouth of truth, where we were a little frightened for our hand, because legend says that if a woman has sins, the monster in the mouth of truth will bite off her hand; and we also sat on the famous Spanish Steps in the Spanish square. Then we went to the Colosseum, where we returned with our thoughts to the time of gladiatorial battles. For the end of the first day, we went to see the Forum Romanum, which is surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings for elections, public speeches … After that we went to a hotel, had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day we got up early and ate breakfast and then went on the road. We drove to Neaple, to the dormant volcano Vesuvius. The Vesuvio is almost 1300 meters tall. The eruption of the Mount Vesuvius destroyed the Roman cities Pompeii, Herculanem, Oplontis and Stabiae, as well as several other settlements. We climbed up to the crater. Then we went to the old ancient city of Pompeii, which was buried by Vesuvius. Then we went back to the hotel, ate dinner and soon went to bed.

We also got up early on the last day, packed up, ate breakfast and set off. We first looked at the catacombs where the first Christians were buried. Then we visited the Vatican which extends to less than half square kilometer of area, the papal state with the Basilica of St. Petra, which is the largest sacral building in the world. Then we headed towards Slovenia and arrived home around 1 pm.

I had a lot of fun on the trip, because my school mates and I connected even more then we were before. And all the teachers that went with us were fun and we talked and laughed together. I have to say that I enjoyed the bus rides and the Pompeii the most. But the bad thing was that it was always so hot, because of the high tempeture and we had to walk almost all day and it was exhausting, but I enjoyed, so we can leave the bad things in the past.

Neža Primc, 9.a

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