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The students of 6th grade have written on the subject of school. What is our school like, what would you change in our school and what is your ideal school like?

Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič

My school

My school is very big and nice. A school day starts at twenty past eight in the morning and it usually ends at ten to one in the afternoon. I have around 5 lessons a day and 1 lesson is 45 minutes long. Beetwen each lesson there is a break, long 5, 15 or 20 minutes.

At my school I don’t wan’t to change much. I would like just little less homework and being more outside.

My ideal school would be outside and more funny. Students would study on the grass, do some exercise and have fun. We could bring our pets and teach them some tricks. We would also learn some important skills, how to survive in nature and how to take care of ourselves.

Beti Žust, 6.a


My school is primary school. Lessons start at 8.20 and usually end at two o’clock. Each lesson is 45 minutes long and there are breaks for 5 minutes and two longer breaks, one 15 and the other 20 minutes long. In one day I usually have 5 to 6 lessons, sometimes even 7. When the teacher comes in the classroom we need to stand up and say good morning. Our school also has a big cafeteria and dining room.

In my school I would change four things. First it is that we could use computers more often. Second students wouldn’t have to write in notebooks so much. Third I would change the menu to less meat and more vegetables. I would also change some characteristics of some teachers in the school, so they would be nicer and have different teaching technics.

My ideal school would be school where I can leave whenever I want to. I could create out of wood more often and I could take naps in special rooms. Place where I could eat delicious food, play video games and create or invent new things. Place where I could hide and relax from other things in my life. And place where I could learn stuff in a fun way.

Svit Turšič, 6.a

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