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9th class: THE FINAL TRIP

Our oldest studets that are leaving school have described their experience of their farewell trip.

Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič

Our final trip                               

On Friday, 3rd June, 2022, we went rafting on the river Kolpa. We were traveling for two hours to get there. The state border goes along the river because the river is between Slovenia and Croatia.

When we arived, we  dressed up and took rafting clothes. In one group we were 3 students. Then every group took its rafting boat and carried it to the river.

We were rafting for two hours.

When we arrived to our final destination, there we could eat barbecue and then we played volleyball and football. We also could swim in the river.

At 6 pm we were starting to travel back to Vrhnika. We arived at 8.30 pm.

I think all students will remember this our final trip for life and I think we had a really good time there.

Dijana Pajkić, 9.a


On Friday, 9th grade students went on a final trip to the Kolpa. At 7.30 we had a bus departure from Vrhnika. After 2 and a half hour drive we arrived at the Landscape Park Kolpa. When we arrived, we ate a sandwich for snack. After snack  we changed into a swimsuit and put on a helmet for boating on the Kolpa. When we changed our clothes we split into six groups, took a paddle and a boat. Of course we took the water with us as it was very hot. To prevent the sun from burning us, we applied sunscreen before. Boating on the Kolpa lasted about three hours. In the end, we were all very tired because boating is a very difficult sport and you need a lot of strength. After boating we had a picnic around three in the afternoon. After the picnic we were able to play beach volleyball and football. Some of them went on the Kolpa to ride a SUP.  On the Kolpa, where we had a picnic, there was also a small zoo. I saw goats, lamas, a donkey and a pony. In addition to all the activities we had, we hung out listening to music and had a very good time. At six o’clock in the evening we were going home. Before leaving for home, of course, we took pictures to remember this day. At half past eight in the evening we arrived back in Vrhnika. The goal of the final day was to socialize with classmates, as this was our last excursion in elementary school.

Anže Ogrin, 9. a

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