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IN THE PAST: the 7th class

It’s interesting to peep into the past. How did our grandmothers and grandfathers live? How did our parents live when they were young? The pupils have found many interesting facts and learned about the Past Simple at the same time.

Brina has shared with us the photo of old, wooden ice-skates.

Do we have the reason to be happy now? Find out by yourself.

AG Nikšič

I asked my grandmother and she told me about the past.

The family of my grandmother lived on the farm. They grew their vegetables and they had animals. They didn’t go to shop for food. Their father was a hunter. He often brought some rabbits. Their mum prepared them to eat.They washed loundry and dishes by hand. They got a wasching machine later. They didn’t have a car. They went on foot or by bike. They didn’t have a computer or telephone. They were the first in the village who got a television. The neighbours came to their house to watch television. They played many interested games. Some of them are play tag and hide and seek. They often played with marbles.They didn’t have lawn mower. They cut the grass with scythe and they didn’t have a vacuum cleaner. They cleaned the floor with broom.

Today many house work do machines and we buy a lot of food in the market.

Klara, 7.a

In the family of my grandmother there were ten children and they lived on the farm in the country.

She walked five kilometres to school without shoes. She had some books and notebooks. They didn’t have toys, so they played interesting games, like hopscotch. They drove with bullock cart because they didn’t have a bike or a car. They washed their clothes on the washboard in a tub because they didn’t have a washing machine. They had a pantry but they didn’t have a fridge. They didn’t have electric lights, so they illuminated rooms with kerosene lamps. They swept with brooms because they didn’t have a vacuum cleaner. They didn’t have a television, a radio, a record player and a telephone. They wrote by hand with pens because they didn’t have a typewriter or a computer. They had only letters and postcards. They didn’t have a cooker, so they cooked on the kitchen-range.

Luka, 7.a

I asked me grandma about the past and she told me about the past.

She lived in a small village in the countryside. They had a small farm. They only had one bike at my grandmas house. She told me about the school . She walked to school two kilometers on foot. Tables and chairs in the classroom were wooden. School lasted eight years. Students were punished if they didn’t  obey.She lived near the lake. In winter time the lake was frozen and people could go ice-skating. They had wooden ice-skates. In summer they could go swimming.

Brina, 7.a

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