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Artificial Intelligence in Education, 8th class

What do teenagers think about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? They have written how AI is already influencing our lives. They have compared how people learnt in the past and how we learn today and they have predicted how the role of teachers will change because of AI.

Alenka Nikšič

In the future people will learn with computers or phones. I think this is not good because this is not in school. In school you have a teacher and she/he gives you a lot of time to teach you something that you need in life. In the future people will learn with computers and they will not understand that. The schools will be probably open but in schools pupils will do everything on the phone or computer. Now we do power points and word documents. In the future it will be easier. Artificial intelligence will do everything for you. You will not find anything by yourself. Artificial intelligence will help you at everything.

Nejla Fejzić, 8.a

AI is influencing our lives a lot. Back in the past you used to look for something in the book or research on your own, but now we just look it up on Chat GPT and it tells us all the information. You ask it anything and it tells you. That is just sad.

AI also influences us to think without our own head. When you wonder about something you don’t think anymore, you just ask AI to tell you. You don’t even use your brain anymore.

In the past learning was much different. You studied from the books and read about all the needed information. You used to study and search books to learn something. Now you just ask AI chat bot. Why is it so smart?

If you ask me the role of teachers will change a lot. Teaching in the future will be much different and not necessarily better. Maybe there will be more explanation or less explanation. The question is whether the teaching will be better for the kids. The role of teachers is going to change in many ways. Firstly the teachers won’t be talking so much. They won’t be explaining the theories and texts. They will put a video or an app that will teach the kids lessons from AI. The AI will tell them all the needed information and more. There will be much less physical interaction because of this. The AI will explain everything perfectly. I also think there will be less teachers. Less people will physically talk to children.

Svit Turšič, 8.a

AI has already influenced younger people with its knowledge. Nowadays teenagers do not look in the book to write essays. They just put the theme in the AI and they get everything they need. Teenagers don’t want to study anymore because they can just type the subject on Chat GPT or if they have to write something on a sheet of paper.

Teenagers in the past barely knew of electronics. They were more likely to know more about nature. Young people now don’t even know how to write properly without the help of AI. Teenagers in the past used to learn from books and get the material from them but nowadays kids use AI for anything.

Roles of the teachers will change quickly because young people nowadays don’t even need teachers that much for simple things. Teachers will lose their role as an educational person because Chat GPT knows better. Teachers will not be needed in the future.

Maša Borković

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