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9th graders have left

Would you like to know what has 9A class written at their last English lesson?

The topics of their composition were: “What was a good, sad or funny event in primary school? How do you feel when you are leaving? What makes you happy in general in your life? And how do you feel about your secondary school?”

The two photos are of our group dancing Irish dance.


Alenka Nikšič

My primary school

A good event was the first four years of school cause we always had fun, had nothing to worry about.

A sad event was when we got mixed up at the start of the 5th class. We made really good friends in the first 4 years, but then the school made sure all the best friends were separated.

Because I am leaving I feel kind of sad when I think about all of the great, funny and cool moments I had here with my friends. And that I won’t see some of the friends for a long time. But I am happy that I will leave soon because of the teachers that yelled at me for no reason. I am also happy to leave because of the 8th graders, because they act like they are cool but they are annoying.

I feel good about my secondary school because I will do at school what I do at home. I am also sure I will make friends there. I am going to be a media technic.

Nik P.

I remember a very good event at the end of this year. We went to Kolpa to go rafting and we also had a fun picnic.

It was great fun to organise school dances that we had.

I feel sort of good about the fact that I am leaving this school but also sort of sad because I am never going to be in the school with the people I have been for 9 years until now. One thing that makes me happy anywhere are friends and family.

I am not really excited about my secondary school, I am going to an economic school named Roška.


One good event that will forever be in my memory is when we visited Kolpa on our end trip. Good events were every day because I was always with Maša.

I can’t say about a special funny event because me and Maša always laughed and joked around. I feel sad about leaving but at the same time I am happy because I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am also a little bit scared. I will miss Maša. Secondary school is scary but I can’t wait to meet new people. I am going to “Prešernova gimnazija” in Ljubljana.

I am happy with Maša. Maša and me are bestfriends.


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