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ECO, What can I do?, 8C class

What can I do to save the planet? Every deed matters, everyone matters, our planet Earth matters!

The other day I found a can of beer in the forest. I put it in my backpack. On the way home I stopped at my father’s. I asked him: “ What kind of a heart do people have who drop a beer can in the forest?” He answered: “ They have none.”

Let’s have a heart for nature, for our planet, for our future and for one another!

Alenka Nikšič

I wouldn’t drop plastics around, instead I would pick them up and throw them in the trash. I would donate my old clothes that don’t fit me anymore or recycle them. I could walk to school rather than go by car or bus. I would reuse things like plastic bags or be creative and make some new things.


I can recycle clothes for bags. I can give them for brothers or sisters. I can donate them to Humana, Karitas or Red Cross.


I think we need to recycle trash we make. I give my old clothes to my little sister Sofija. I need to buy things I really need.


I can stop throwing plastic cans on the ground. Instead I can put them in trash bins. Then I can buy less things, not the things I don’t need.


I can not use plastic bags. I can’t buy  too many clothes. I can pick up trash and throw it in recycle bins. I can use paper bags. I can write on both sides of the paper. I can use recycled paper. I can use one notebook instead of many notebooks.


To save the planet I should ride the bike more, drive less by car and drive more by bus. I need to recycle some stuff. I need to use the reusable bags when we go shopping. I need to plant more trees. I need to use electricity less.


When we draw something and it doesn’t end how we want we recycle it. We can go to school by bike. We can go to shops with bags that are reusable.


I can wash my body once in two days. Instead that I watch TV, I can read a book. Instead of having the plastic bottle, I can use glass bottle. I can pick up the rubbish from the ground. I can ride to school by bicycle. Instead of printing I can write on the paper. Instead of cooking in a lot of pans I can cook in one pan. I can put dishwasher on eco.


To save the planet I could start recycling plastic. Instead of driving to school by car I could walk. When the trash is full I get it and put it in different garbage. If I see a paper or plastic bottle on the floor I pick it up and put it in the garbage. If my T-shirt or any clothing is not fitting me anymore I could give it to Humana. I could go to store, buy some flowers and plant them. Don’t write only on the front of the paper, write on the back of the paper, too. Reduce means buy less, buy less! I could make a bird’s house from the materials that my dad doesn’t need anymore. Don’t pour gas or oil or anything else in the lakes, you can kill someone and you are killing nature, too.


Instead of buying new clothes, you can turn old ones into something else. Instead of throwing away old clothes, you can donate them. Also you can walk instead of going somewhere by car. And in your free time you can go outside and pick up and recycle garbage. If you need to go somewhere fast you can go by bus or you can buy an electric car… after you can afford it.


To save the planet we have to reuse, recycle and most importantly reduce the amount of the things we buy. We have to buy reusable water bottles, shopping bags… If our clothes are too small we donate them or use them as wiping cloth, if they are torn we sew them. We also have to travel on foot or by bike or even scooter. We can pick up trash and throw it in the trash bin. You can also plant trees, bushes or flowers.


We can reuse things for example new out of old. I made myself shorts from jeans that were too short. We must buy less because less is more. I always buy less because I don’t have that much money. Also I don’t fall for advertisements. I also recycle, so that I throw batteries to the container for electric stuff. I grow my own food and vegetables. And I compost my leftovers and give dry bread to my chickens.


I can reuse, reduce and recycle. I can volunteer to clean parks, rivers…  I can also donate to organisations that clean the environment. I can recycle, not buy new clothes. I can also protest, that we need a cleaner Earth.


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