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What is going on with clothes?

Let’s save the planet!

What is going on with clothes?

class 8C

How can you reduce clothes?

You can reduce clothes by buying less. It’s good to buy what you need.

How can you reuse  and  recycle clothes?

You sew them if they are torn a little bit.

You make new clothes from the old ones. You can make a bag from jeans.

You can give the clothes that are too small for you to smaller people.

You can also give clothes to Humana or Red Cross.

You can give them to second hand shops.


pre-consumer waste is the waste of cloth in the process of making new clothes

post-consumer waste are the clothes that we don’t need or want any more

garments and household articles have been discarded, have been put away

wiping and polishing cloths, 17% of put away clothes are recycled into such cloths

textiles sent to landfills, places for rubbish, and incinerators, the rubbish is burnt there  7%

diamonds: 1-2% clothes, the largest amount of profit per item, these second-hand clothing articles are in high demand

conversion to new products: 29%, you change the purpose of clothes e.g. jeans into a bag

used clothing markets: 48%: second hand stores, garage sales, trade, swap, borrow, inherit products through second-hand stores, garage sales, online/flea markets, charities

recycled materials: Sweden e.g. H&M

Alenka G. Nikšič

How does my family deal with clothes?

copied from the project paper

the pupils of 8C class

When clothes are too small or torn, we use them as wiping cloths. We give clothes that are too small to friends that are smaller.

Nik G.

I give clothes to smaller siblings or friends. I also reuse them e.g. make shorts out of jeans.


In my family we give clothes to Humana and family friends. They are good clothes that don’t have holes and aren’t ripped.

Jon G.

My family burns clothes when we don’t need them anymore.


We don’t donate clothes. We put them in the attic.


We donate clothes to friends and family or to humanitarian organisations like Red Cross, Karitas. We use old clothes for making toys, protecting plants. We put flowers into old shoes. We make shopping bags. We exchange clothes.


We put old clothes to Humana.


You can give clothes to Humana or give clothes to smaller people.


I give my worn out clothes to black bin. I give the clothes that are too small for me to my friends. I give some old clothes for wiping cloths.


We give clothes to Humana and the clothes that are small for us, we give them to smaller people or sell them for cheap.


If we have small clothes, we give them to our cousins. If we have some ripped clothes, we put them in a black bin.


My father usually fires worn out clothes or he gives them to me. My mother usually gives her clothes that she doesn’t need to her friends. I usually give my old clothes to my cousin, Humana or I have them in my closet.


photo: Jakob

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