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6th class: Is it a house or home?

A house is a building. It can be made of bricks. You need money if you want to build or buy one. This is the place where we go to sleep, eat, where we have our family. There are the people that are closest to us. Is the house the same as home? Maybe home is everything that is not material in our house or flat like kindness and anger, trust and fear or talking, smiling and crying.

Now we often hear »They have to leave home. They are homeless. They are refugees.« This is sad.

Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič

My home

I live in a flat. I really love our flat. It’s big and it has two floors. There is a kitchen, a dinning room, a living room and a hall. In hall we have the door for a little bathroom. Upstairs we have a big bathroom with bath in it. There are two rooms upstairs one for me and one for my little sister.

My room is not quite big. I have few things in it. My favourite thing in my room is my desk. My walls are purple. I have small gold dots on the wall. There are three windows in my room.

Home for me means somthing special. Home is safe place where you can live, sleep, stay, and do somthing fun. Home is for me the place where there are no problems.

Maša, 6.a

My home

I live in a house. Downstairs there are a hall, a living room, my mom’s and dad’s bedroom, a kitchen with a dining room, and a bathroom. On the first floor there is my room. I share the room with my brother. On the second floor there are my grandfather’s and uncle’s rooms. There are two bedrooms, a hall, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen with a dining room and two balconies.

I share a room with my brother. There are two beds. Next to my bed there are  drawers and a desk. In front of my brother’s bed there are shelves, next to them there is a wardrobe. Near to the desk there is a window. There are lights on the wall. In my room there is my hamster Lili too.

Home means a lot to me, because I can live in it with my grandfather, mom, dad, brother and uncle. I like it the way it is and because it is old.

Sara, 6.a

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