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Our parents, 8th class

We have described our mothers and fathers. In March they celebrate: 8th March, 10th March, 25th March. Let them be strong and healthy.

AG Nikšič


I will write about my mom, because she is one of my favourite people.

Her name is Jerneja Filipič. She is 36 years old. She is 168 cm tall and she´s got brown eyes and brown hair. She is good looking and kind. She is currently finishing her master’s degree. She is a registered nurse and the head of CKZ (Center za krepitev zdravja). Mom helps diabetics, smokers, people with high blood pressure and many more. She is interviewed a lot so you can hear her  on radio or television. She loves to be massaged. Me and my mom often massage each other and we often go shopping. My mom has a lot of energy and can’t be still. She loves honesty and fairness very much.

My mom is friendly and funny, but sometimes she can be annoying. At home she usually wears a T-shirt and long pants. When she is at work, she is wearing a uniform. She doesn´t like to wear socks. At the moment she is wearing pyjamas :). Mom loves tea and she likes to play cards with us. She likes to cook and she likes to spoil us with some cake or ice cream :). She also likes to go for walks and runs.

My mom is special but in a good way. She loves everything and nothing bothers her, apart from having to wear slippers.

Tia, 8.a


My father’s name is Janez Ogrin. He is fifty- three years old. He has got short brown hair and brown eyes. He is medium height.   

He is good looking. He is friendly. He is one hundred seventy- four cm tall. He usually wears overalls, beacuse he works on a farm all day. When he doesn’t work he wears trousers, a pullover, a cap and shoes.

He is hard working. He likes helping other people. He likes working outside and driving a tractor. He doesn’t like computer and technology. He likes cows and other farm animals. He likes hiking and cooking. He likes: vegetables, fruit, potatoes, meat, and other food. At this moment he is wearing a tracksuit, hoody and slippers.

Anže, 8.a 

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