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Shopping (for corona virus???) – 8th class

December is probably the king of shopping of all months. But probably not this year. Do you like shopping? Is it good for the environment? Is it necessary? One of the pupils said: »We would starve if all shops were closed.«

Here you are: the composition on shopping and two home-shop-home dialogues plus extra bonus Petja’s picture from the shop in corona times. Enjoy!


Shopping is a necessary evil for me, while my mom loves shops, shopping, and everything related to it. I don’t like browsing the available goods or services and I do not like crowds of people which are looking for things to buy and also I don’t like standing in lines.

We know a lot of types of shops (grocery stores, non-food stores, technical goods stores) and various types of shopping places (a small market, a garden centre, a shopping centre/mall,…) but I just don’t like shopping.  

My favorite shops are online. I can brows for things that I am interested in and I shop with no crowds and no lines.

Shops used to be providing the basic needs and goods, but nowadays shopping is spread worldwide and for many people has become the way of life. Some of them are addicted to it and they spend many hours in shops looking and browsing for things to buy. I think that is the waste of time.

Shopping is highly dependent on advertisements. The more you advertise, the more you sell. Advertising companies are selling us new goods all the time. The latest is that we can shop our way to a healthier planet. The hard fact is that global warming, deforestation and other earthly ills can be solved with the three R’s (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE).  Theese three R’s are very important. We should all try to buy less and only what we need, buy things that will last long, shop with reusable bags,… If everyone behaves like that, our planet would be much cleaner and healthier.

We  shall all try to be more self sufficient. In my family we are trying to be more and more self suficient each year. We don’t have our own garden, but we buy eggs from a local farmer and when we can, we buy milk, fruits, vegetables and local home-cooked food from local farmers. 

I love this corona time, because just the grocery stores are opened and all the rest are closed.

Shopping is limited as it can be and I think this is good, people aren’t losing time in stores and also this situation is very kind to the environment because people buy less.

Shopping is and will stay people’s most important thing to do. It is necessary for us to have a normal life but we should’t be addicted to it. There are so many things that are more important than new things we can buy in stores.

 Jan, 8.a


At home:

 Mum: We need groceries. Luka go to the store and buy what’s on the list.

Luka: Ok mum is that all or do you need something that isn’t on the list Mum: yes i forgot to write that i need coffee.

Luka: ok i won’t forget to buy it Mum: be safe!

Luka: k bye!


At the store:

Luka: (puts on the mask) hello.

Cashier: Hello young man how can i help you?

Luka: where should i start?….. oh I need a loaf of bread, sour cream, vinegar, toiletpaper and a pound of cheese 

Cashirer: ok so bread is on the shelf in left the corner of the store, sour cream and cheese are in the fridge  with other diary product, vinegar is next to the fridge and toilet paper is on the right side of the entrance 

Luka: ok thank you (goes around the store and picks the thing he needs)….i am done can you check me out?

Cashier: sure…BEEP….BEEP.…BEEP… that will be 12€ in total do you need anything else?

Luka: thank you so much that’s all (gives the money and heads home) bye!

Cashier: thank you bye!


At home:

Luka: Mom i’m home!

Mom: nice did you have enough money?

Luka: yes you gave me enough

Luka P., 8.a


  • The first part: 

At home

Mia: Mum I would like to go shopping, beacuse I would like to go outside.  Do we need anything? 

Mum: Nice, I am happy. Wait a moment I will look on the shopping list. 

We need matches, butter, millet, ham, apples and bananas. You also bring  6 bio eggs. Look that they are as fresh as possible. Check the date. 

Mia: Right. 

Mum: Do not forget a bag. 

Mia: I will take  the backpack. 

Mum: Here is wallet. 20 euros will be enough. 

Don’t forget the mask. 

Mia: I have already had it. Bye. 

Mum: Bye. 

  • The second part: 

In a small shop

Mia is in front of the shop. She puts on  her mask.

Mia: Hello. 

Shop assistant: Hello. 

Mia disinfects her hands and takes a trolley. 

She picks apples and bananas with a glove on her hand.   

She puts them in a durable bag and weighs them.  She puts in a shopping trolley ham and butter, too.

Mia asks a shop assistant: Where is millet and where are matches? 

The shop assistant shows her: there is millet and there are matches.

Mia: Thank you. 

Mia goes to the checkout. She waits in the line. When it’s Mia’s turn, she says: I  have a card. Here you are. 

Cashier: Thank you.

 12 euros. 

Mia: Here you are. 

Good bye. 

Cashier: Good bye. 

  • The third part: 

Again at home

Mia comes home: Hello 

Mum: Hello, Mia. Have you got everything?

Mia: Yes, everything. 

Mum: I am happy, that you help me.

Mia puts the things out of her backpack and puts them away. 

She gives the wallet and the bill to her mom: 12 euros was alltogether. 

The end. 

Anže, 8.A

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