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Me as a small child in 7th class

Pupils in 7th class have written about themselves being a baby and a small child. It’s nice to ask your parents about the facts of your childhood that you forgot. I have chosen 3 compositions. You can see we are learning about the use of was and were. Krištof added the picture of his family. There he is not a baby, but his brother or sister is.

AG Nikšič

Me as a small child

My name is Ema. I was born on 10th of february. I was born at half past four in the afternoon in Ljubljana. My hair was brown. My eyes where green. I was a big, kind, happy and playful baby. My first word was  mom. My best friend at kindergarden was Mia. I was tall when I was first grade. My first calss teachers were Neja and Andreja. My favourite book was Zverjasec. I don’t know my childhood hero. My favourite toy was a bear.

Ema, 7.A

Me as a small child

When I was a child I had blond hair. My eyes were brown.

I was a medium size baby. When I  was born I had about 3kg. I cried a lot. My favourite toy was a soft cow. I was born on the eleventh of September in 2008. I was born in Ljubljana. My favourite book was Medo Jaka. When I started school I was about 115 cm tall.

Aljaž, 7.a

Me as a small child

I was born 17th May at half past twelve in Ljubljana. When I was born, I had brown eyes. My hair was short, dark brown and straight. I was a big and heavy baby. My first word was  the word tractor. I was not a sad baby I was a happy baby. My best freinds in the kindergarten were Žan and Vid. My first class teacher was Darja. My favourite book was »5 prijateljev«. I was born as  the second child in the family. I have seven brothers and sisters.

Krištof, 7.a

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