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My home

In my home there are the ground floor, the first floor, the second floor and the attic. Next to my home there is a garden, but there isn’t a tennis court. On the garden there is a rabbit cage. In the rabbit cage there are two rabbits, but there isn’t a tortoise. In the ground floor there is a garage. There are bikes, a parking space and skies, but there aren’t any carpets. Next to the garage there is a cellar. There is food, but there aren’t any balls. Next to the cellar there is a heating room. There is a furnace, but there isn’t a desk. In the first floor there is a hall. There are shoes and umbrellas, but there isn’t a sofa. Next to the hall there is a toilet. There are a washbasin and a toilet, but there isn’t a bath. Next to the toilet there is a bathroom. There is a shower, but there isn’t a toilet. Next to the bathroom there is a kitchen. There are a sink, a cooker and many plates, but there isn’t a television. Next to the kitchen there is a dining room. There are a table and six chairs, but there isn’t a computer. Next to the dining room there is a living room. There are a cupboard and some chairs, but there isn’t a bed. In the second floor there is a bathroom. There are a bath, a toilet and a washbasin, but there isn’t a shower. Next to the bathroom there is my bedroom. There are an upright piano, a bed, a desk and a wardrobe, but there aren’t any posters on the wall. Next to my bedroom there is my parents’ bedroom. There are a bed and a wardrobe, but there aren’t any plants. Next to my parents’ bedroom there is my brother’s bedroom. There are a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a cello, but there isn’t a trumpet.

Luka Maklin, 6.a

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