Skoči na glavno vsebino

Winter Walk, 8th and 9th class

Going out in winter and hiking in the snow is an effort and beauty at the same time. Nature is the queen dressed in a white costume.

Alenka G. Nikšič

We started it in front of the school. First we all got together. Then we started the winter walk. First we went to Stara Vrhnika. The further we got from school  the harder it was to walk, because of the hill. When we came into the forest it was very hard because there was a lot of snow. Our teacher made a mistake and we went the wrong way for a very short time. Then when our teacher realized that we went the wrong way, we started to go back. Then we came to tankovska road. Then we decided that we can go on Holy trinity. Then we came too early to school, for about 2 hours.

When we started winter walk, I was feeling good. But when we came from winter walk to school I was very tired because there was a lot of snow.

Jošt, 8.c

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