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Our 8th graders were not in school for a week. But they were not in quarantine. They went to Cerkno to School in Nature. Here are some of their comments.

AG Nikšič

In school in nature we had an activity called photolov. We were in 6 groups of 4 or 3. We were walking around Cerkno and finding different buildings or places. We had a paper with tasks and either wrote what was there or just some facts about the place or building. Me and my group were the third group and came back in around an hour. We ran back because we were late. We had problems finding one place, but we managed to come back just in time. We really got to know Cerkno all around and it was really fun.

Zarja, 8.a

Last week we went to Cerkno in school in nature. We had a lot of fun and we  visted a lot of famous places. We learned about first medical help. We visited Bolnica Franja which is on UNESCO list. We walked 15km alltogether, to Bolnica Franja and back. We played volleyball and football. We went to watch laufarija which is like a carneval. We had a great presentation. We went to sleep at 10 o ‘ clock in the evening. We ate great food. We walked in the streets in groups and did the tasks.

So go check Cerkno.

Žan, 8.a

We woke up earlier on Tuesday and walked to Hospital Franja after breakfast. we walked 6 kilometers there and 6 kilometers back. There we learned a lot about the history of the Franja Hospital and about what was going on during World War II. After lunch, some of us went to the forest where we made a raft with natural materials, we used bark, wood and similar materials from the forest. In the evening we played volleyball,  those who did not want to go to the forest to gather wood for the evening fire. To end the evening we sang songs by the fire.

Maša, 8.a

My best event in school in nature was when the teacher got us that we ate candy in our room. This happened after dinner when we went to the rooms to get ready for bed. When we went to the rooms we pretended to sleep until the teachers fell asleep. Then we started eating candy. It was 11pm. And the teacher came to the room and she got us how we ate candy. Then we had to go to sleep.

Admir, 8.a        

In  school in nature we went to Idrija in the morning where we saw a wild lake. We then strolled through the woods until we came to the largest water wheel. We couldn’t look at it because the museum, where it was, was closed so we only looked at the pictures. Then we went to the other museum where a guide took us to the mercury mine. We walked under the town of Idrija. We saw what all the miners had to do. We found out that working in the mine was very difficult.

Brina, 8.a

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