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Fed up

I can explain: A story talk about Clair her father and Patrick. Clair and Patrick are at home. Nobody is at home, dad works late every day. Patrick want to cuddle with her…he get on top of her. At that moment dad come from work and see her and Patrick. Father blame Clair fot this what he saw. Patrick leaves the house. Dad shake Claire, he hurt her. Claire run from house.


Fed up: Pam and Claire talk. Claire tell her that she has a row with her dad. Pam ask her is she has anyone to talk with about problems… Claire replay her that her grandma listen to her and they can talk about everythink.


About me: I have my sister to talk with. She has more experience than me. I can tell her everything that i can’t tell my mom, father or friends. When somebody fight with me i begin to cry. I am not that hard personality that will figth back.  With my father i won’t ever like fighting back because i am afraid of him. With my mom i somethimes fight because i am very angry. If somobody will hit me or anybody else i will tell that somebody. I have some experience with violence so i know what to do.

Nika Pretnar, 9.a (popravljene so samo napake, ki bi ovirale razumevanje)



The dialog talks about housework. Mrs Sheen wants help by washing-up. Today must be Nigel’s turn, but Nigel says that he is very busy. Claire was upset, because she think that Nigel is just to lazy to do some housework. Later Claire wants to watch a film Million Dollar Baby with her friends Patrick. Dad agree with this, but she must be home by half past eight.


In our family we have housework divided. I have to clean the house every Saturday, and on Mondays i have to do the washing-up. My mom cooks, do the ironing and washing clothes. My dad cares about car and other technology in our house and sometimes he washing-up the dishes too. I don’t argue with my parents about housework, because i know that this is my responsibility. When i go out with my friends, i have  agreement  with my mother ,when i have to be at home and i think that i was never late.


                                                                               Eva Albreht. 9.a

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