From Sweden to Greece, from ice hockey to swimming

At the start of my holidays I went to Sweden. There I played hockey in  a special tournament for future stars. My team’s name was Tordan. We played very well but we didn’t win. We came 2nd, we lost in the finals 4:1.

When I came back to Slovenia I stayed at home for a week and played video games. After a week of relaxing I went to Greece with my family. We drove all the way through Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and into Greece. We stayed in Greece for two weeks where we met Matevž and his family. After great two weeks of swimming and playing cards we went back home. We drove through Albania into Montenegro. We stayed there for 2 days and it was great. We continued our ride home through Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia to Slovenia.

In the last month I stayed at home and trained for the new session.

Bruno Kurent, 8.a


My holidays this year were very interesting – mostly at the end, in August.

In July I was mostly at home. I helped with the household chores, such as washing the dishes, taking care of laundry, etc., sometimes I even cooked lunch. In my free time, I listened to music, danced, read books and had fun with my friends. From time to time Katka, Lina, Grega, Tom, Žan and Luka came over to my house and we had fun in our pool in the garden.

My brother invited me to attend a Tech Week that his colleagues organised at his job. I’m not a very technical person, so I wasn’t sure whether to go or not. I did, and I was very proud because I made my very own robot called Roo.

In August, my parents took vacation and we went on a one-week trip to Montenegro. It was very cool. We spent two days at the north and five days at the south. On our way from Montenegro to the island Krk we stopped at Krka Lakes in Croatia. There we met a family from Arizona so I had a chance to speak English, too. At Krk we spent one week in the apartment at the seaside. My best friend Katka also came there and we had lots of fun. In the last week of my holidays I had to prepare for school and that was it.

Even though I spent most of the time at home and often lying on the sofa, eating and watching television I totally like my holidays the way they are.

Lučka Patačko Koderman, 8.b

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