It’s the end of the school year! We have written some poems on the wonderful ourselves! The 8th class.

Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič


I am Nika. I am Nika Pretnar.

I am the star. I am a shining star.

I am smart, smart as a book.

I am thin, thin as a tooth pick.

I am a beauty, just for who I am.


You are Luka Weixler.

You are the mountain Mt Everest.

You are the best basketball player

and the richest person in Vrhnika.

You have the best haircut

and the best bicycle.

You are the bird high in the sky,

higher than other birds.

You have the best garden in the world.

You are nicer than a flower in a pot.

The sun is turning to you every day.

If you compare yourself with the sun

you are brighter than it.


You are Eva,

Eva Albreht.

You are beautiful,

you are perfect,

you are genious,

you are a wonderful girl.

You are the lake in the middle of the desert,

you are the star in the dark sky,

you are the highest peak of the mountains,

you are the highest tree in the forest.



I am Eva. I am Eva Oven.

I am the star in the middle of the galaxy.

I am short and beautiful.

I am smart and funny.

I am the queen of the world.

I am sweet like a chocolate candy,

I am the light in the dark night,

I am brave.

I am white like snow

and my lips are red as of a red rose in a garden.


Perfect me

I am the star shining in the sky.

I am Martina.

I am stronger than everyone else.

I am all smile for me and for others.

I am beautiful and sweet.

I am the best to the South and West.

I am water in the desert.

I am the sun in the sky.

I am not perfect

I am just I.

Martina Kogovšek


I am Ana,

I am the sweetest mango in the world.

I am not the mountain,

because I don’t like mountains.

I am not Present Perfect,

I am English perfect.

I am the water,

because I like water.

I am my lungs,

because my lungs are not good.

I am the sun,

because I like summer.

I am not perfect,

because this is me.

Ana Beber Boštjančič


I am tall,

I am rich,

I am the G.O.A.T.,

I am eternal,

I am the black sheep.

I am a god.

I don’t have the beginning and the end.

I won’t die.

I live forever.

I am the sea of the earth.

I am older than the earth

and younger than the tree.

I am smarter than the computer.

I am stronger than the Rock.

I am better than Kobe.

I am faster than Usain Bolt.

I am better at LOL than Faker.


G.O.A.T. – greatest of all time

the Rock –  a famous wrestler

LOL – League of Legends

Jurij Novak


I am Emil.

I am the ship in the ocean.

I am perfect and black.

I am the star in the dark sky

and I am very smart.

I am tall like Jordan

and black like Mike Tyson.

I am strong like John Cena

and I am a better fighter than Kabib.


Hi. I am Lara Čukljek.

I am the smallest girl in my class.

I am the craziest girl in my class.

I am a shining light.

I am the smallest fish in the ocean.

I am not perfect, because nobody is perfect.

I am just like you but smaller.

I am small but strong.

I am the strongest tree in the forest.

I am the brightest star in the dark sky.

I am alive.

I am young.

I have all my life in front of me.

I am the biggest of the smallest.


I don’t want to write this poem

because it’s weird.

And I feel great about myself without this poem.

I don’t need a poem.

I can’t write a poem

because today my brain isn’t working well.

Lovro Zamejc


I am Matevž.

I am Matevž Svetličič.

I am so tall that Mt Everest looks short.

I am so smart that Tjaž Oblak looks dumb…ok not that smart.

I can give Jurij a banana in basketball

and I can easily dunk on him.



I am Jan.

I am tall like Jordan

I am big like a mountain.

I am strong like the Rock.

I am fast like Bolt.

I am smart.

I am rich.

I am not the star but I fly every day.

Jan Bicelj


I can’t write a poem about me

because I don’t know what to write.

Nara Bebler Boštjančič


I am the star like the nort star.

I am a mountain like Triglav.

I am the greatest.

I am magnificent.

I am the smartest man in the world.

I am handsome.

I am a boss. NO.

I am the boss of bosses.

Primož Jurjevčič

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