What life means to me?

It is not just a word, it is something more. It is something that is given to us. It is like a story, but you can try to write it just one time. Life is luck, love, happiness, sorrow, sometimes tragedy or adventure and we must overcome and dare everything. I guess that nobody is just happy in her/his life. If she/he is rich maybe she/he is less happy than the poor one. Because she/he doesn’t have real friends and some people are with such a person just because of money. This isn’t really happiness. If you are poor, people maybe give you food or money or clothes, but if you are rich people just get your things. Money isn’t all and friends are more important. Life is the best that happened to us. Nobody has the same life as mine. It is very good that just I’m the owner of my life. But this doesn’t mean I can stop it.

article and picture by Martina Kogovšek, 8.a


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