On Friday, 31st of May, me and other students of the ninth grade went on our final field trip to the National park Plitvička jezera and Zagreb.

We gathered in front of our school at 6:45 am. When the bus came, we started our journey to the first location – Plitvička jezera. We took a walk around the park and took many pictures. We saw lots of waterfalls and beautiful water. It started raining in the middle of our visit but it didn’t bother us much. When the sky cleared we went on a boat ride on the Kozjak Lake. The view from the boat was beautiful. We saw the green trees, clear water and small waterfalls from another perspective.

After our rather short boat ride we quickly sat on the bus and drove to our next location – Zagreb. I, my classmates and our teachers walked around the city centre. We saw some interesting restaurants, found some spots with amazing view and saw some of Zagreb’s important buildings like their government. We also went past two churches – church of St. Mark and Zagreb Cathedral. After that we hoped on our bus again and drove back to Slovenia.

Our last stop was in Brežice, Slovenia where we ate our dinner. Some of us ate pizzas, others ate some pasta or French fires and chicken. When our stomachs were full and after many more pictures were taken, we hoped on our bus for the last time and drove home.

We arrived home late, at around 11 pm all sleepy and full of new memories. Some of us were at the National park Plitvička jezera for the first time. I think that we all had a great time and enjoyed ourselves with the great company we had.

article and photo by Eva Marinič, 9.b

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