On the 19th May, us pupils tried ourselves at writing poems. We tried to be as creative as possible. Under the guidance of our teacher Saša Stošič we wrote a few interesting works and proved, that there is more to English than just grammar.



I’ve never been to Peru

and I have never met a kangaroo

but let me tell you

what I can do.

I could get a canoe

and find a river sky blue

I should find my own crew

but I just don’t know who.

So I have found a few

and I’m missing just two

I need somebody new

to fill up my crew.

That one’s got a tattoo

and his words are not true

he’s contrary, too

and he’s missing a shoe.

The other one grew

as tall as bamboo

too good to be true

‘cause he’s missing shampoo.

I don’t know what to do

I’m still missing the two

and now this canoe

just won’t have a crew.

                                               Rebeka Caserman, 9. A

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