Studens from the ninth grade, Neža Bratina, Eva Marinič, Erazem Jazbinšek, Ana Černetič and their english teacher Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič, together decided to read some Irish naitonal stories and tell them to others in English. First we read the stories and learnt to tell them, then we started to spread the word around, first in our class and then to the eighth and seventh graders. Since everyone was enjoying it, we decided to tell the stories sometime in The Culture Week.

It was on Thursday, 7th of the February at six P.M. in the school lobby, where quite a lot of people came to listen to the stories. Even the Irish representative of the Irish Embassy in Slovenia came with his wife. He answered to some interesting questions and praised us which is pretty awesome, since he is a native speaker. To spice up our programme the school choir with the menor Helena Grbac sang two Irish songs to us.

We had a wonderful Irish evening and the story tellers finally reached their goal – to spread the stories to others and brighten up their day.

Ana Černetič, 9.b

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