What did I like about hiking to Velika Planina? The eight and the ninth class went there on Tuesday, 18th September. There were about 100 pupils.

I walked with my best friend and we walked very slowly. The day was great fun. Nara, 8.a

We saw many small houses and cows. There the nature was very beautiful. Martina and Lara, 8.a

We saw beautiful mountains and animals. Nika, 8.a

We went to Velika Planina. We walked 3 hours up and 1.5 hours down. We had a good time. Job, 9.b

When we were on the top of Planina I ordered two cocacolas. We had a lot of fun walking up the hill. Nejc, 9.b

The view at the top of the hill was beautiful. Erazem, 9.b

I really liked chating with pupils. There are so many interesting things that you do. I am glad that we saw the lake in the shape of a heart. The teacher


What did I like about hiking to Grmada? The sixth and the seventh class went there on 20th September.

I liked the forest, the sun, hills, a narrow path and the view over the hills. Urška, 7.b

I liked nature because everything was green and I liked the sun. Asja, 7.b

I was 3rd on Grmada and I was rolling down the hill. Žiga, 7.b

I was very happy to be outside with my friends. We were talking, laughing and exploring nature. That’s all what life is about. We were so happy when we saw the view. And we are all thankful to mother nature. Lina, 7.b



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