I went to Australia. I was trevelling 34 hours. It was very long. When I came to Brisbane I was very hungry. Then I went to have pizza. It was very delicious.

Then I went to my apartment. Next day I went to Gold Coast. There was a beautiful beach. We were travelling about two weeks along the Australian seaside.

After two weeks I went to Cairns. There we went snorkeling. It was very nice.

Next day we went to Sidney. We were travellin for 3 hours by airplane. We visited our friends in Sidney. We stayed there for about 10 days. There we were watching Netflix, playing x box, playing basketball and visiting famous things in Sidney. We visited opera house, Eye tower, Taronga zoo. After 10 days we went home.

We were travelling for 36 hours. This was the best holiday in my life.

Blaž Gutnik, 9.b

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