On 9th April 2018 the 6.b class and the 6.a class went on a school trip around the Dolenska region. Our first stop was at a monastery in Stična. There we learned what monks do on a daily basis. We also went into the monastery’s church which was very big. But most of the place was of limits.

Our second stop was the birthplace of Josip Jurčič. There we watched a quick video of the place. Then we split into 4 groups. Then each group visited 4 places, while rotating beetwen the 4 places. One of the places was his birth house and a room with all of his works.

Our third stop was a camp where Slovenians hid from the Turks. It had a very thick wall with small holes, which you could look through. We also learned a little about the camp and its history.

Our final stop was the birthplace of Primož Trubar. When we got there we split into two groups,one group went around the place and learned about his history. While the second group made little books. After everyone finished we switched. Then after that we went home and returned at about 6:15 pm.

Although the trip lasted the whole day I still enjoyed a lot. And an interesting thing, the people of Primož Trubar’s home town were actually embarrassed of him for 300 years.

Janez Sukič, 6.b

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