My body – science day

From our Biology teacher we got the instructions for the following science day. The title was My body. We knew we would talk about what is healthy and what is not. When the teacher told us what it would look like we were all very disappointed. The information that we heard was that we would have no main break or so called ‘active break’ and that every hour will be 60 minutes long.

On 13th February 2018, we all came to school at 8:20.We were divided into a and b class. First we all had 2 hours of English. B class spent this time with the teacher Alenka Gabrovšek Nikšič, while a class was with the teacher Simona Zrinski Trajkovski. Our group was working in pairs, we made posters, that we presented to each other later. Poster themes were my body: different parts of it.

After first two hours we had a healthy meal. Then a class went into Biology classroom and our class went into the gym. We took our papers, that teachers gave us, a calculator and water. The teachers, Matjaž Bajec and Metka Grebenc, were waiting for us. First we did some workout and in the second part of P.E. we were doing cardio. We were measuring our heartbeats in different situations. We weren’t even ready to leave the dressrooms when a class was standing in front of them.

Next we moved to Karmen Slana’s classroom to have our last lesson this day . First we checked our papers that we completed earlier. We calculated our body mass index which showed us if our body mass is normal or not. Then we were back at the posters from the 1st and 2nd lesson, we were talking about our body, growing up and the right body activity for our age.

This natural day wasn’t as bad as we thouhgt it would be, it was funny. Even if we didn’t have the main break, it was all right because we were having a great time together. It was all even better as it happened on Carnival day so almost all teachers were in masks.


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