Anton Martin Slomšek Primary School

Eco Day

Wednesday – 7th April 2016

Every class participated in a range of Eco activities.

It was a great opportunity to arrange and clean the school surrounding. Students from 6th to 9th class were involved in different activities. Younger pupils also participated in eco day the following week.

Students were divided in many smaller groups. Some of the students were playing sports games while others were taking care of the school environment.



The 6th class girls were transplanting the seedlings of eggplants, tomatoes and cauliflowers. They were going to sell them on the eco market in our school hall. The raised money will go to our school fund. The girls in the picture are putting some earth into the pot, then adding a plant into it and after that the planted vegetable needs watering.

Many 7th class students participated in sports games. One of the games they played was called “Catch the bee”. They were running around and having a lot of fun even if some of the students didn’t like it too much. It was also fun just to watch the game.


The boys of the 6.b class were on the playground. They were plucking up the weeds from the edge of the curbs.

The girls of the same class were  trimming the hedge. They felt very good because they helped to make the school surrounding look cleaner and more attractive.



The students of the 7th class were cleaning and arranging the herb garden in front of the school. For this kind of work they needed tools like hoes, rakes, some buckets and most importantly: lots of goodwill.

As the eco day was over, everyone could enjoy in the school’s beautiful, clean and

eco-friendly surrounding.

Let’s try to keep it in such condition for as long as possible!

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