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We were asking ourselves: » How much did I help my parents when I was small? How much do I help them now? What kind of work do I do? Who does in our family what has to be done?«

AG Nikšič

When I was 3, I took the trash out. When I was 4, I cleaned my room and made my bed. When I was 6, I did my breakfast on my own. When I was 7, I watered all flowers and cleaned the shelves under it. When I was 9, I already did the hoovering.

Now I do the hoovering every weekend, or twice a week. I fill up the washing machine and empty it, make breakfast and dinner for myself, fold laundry, walk the dog out and take the trash out every day. Water the flowers, do the shopping, clean the dust, sinks once a week, clean the windows, mirrors and doors almost every weekend. I like to do the chores, clean windows and make breakfast and dinner. I don’t like to do the hoovering, fold the laundry and clean the dust.

My mom does all things that I do, and more, she cleans the whole bathroom, floor, and helps me. My dad does the shopping, cooks the lunch and walks the dog. My sister fills up dog’s water and food bowls, helps with the hoovering and cleans the tables.

Neža Primc, 8.a

When I was little I had to take care of pets: I had to tidy up the cat toilet, and fill water and food bowls. I needed to tidy my room and sometimes loaded a dishwasher. I sometimes helped with yard work and I had to put my laundry in my closet.

Now at the age of 13, I need to make my bed, tidy my room, put my laundry in my closet, take care of two cats, set my alarm clock, make myself a breakfast, take my dirty laundry to the laundry basket, take care of personal hygiene, … I need to do this every day.

Once or twice a week I do the cooking, do the washing, load the dishwasher and I also do the shopping, change bed sheets and do the yard work as needed.       

I don’t really like to do household chores, but I am fine with it.

My mom does most of the housework. She does everything.

My dad does the cooking on Saturdays and Sundays. He does the yard work too.

My brother does everything like me except he doesn’t do the cooking.

Petja, 8.a

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