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At first dialogue, there were two friends. Claire and Patrick. Patrick asked Claire why does he not see his parents when they are at Claires. Claire told him that is because they work at night too. Then they had juice and music and Claires dad came to room and they were hugging. Dad told Patrick to leave right now and Patrick ran out. Then his dad started shaking Claire because of this.

At second dialogue Claire was talking to her friend in school about that day she had row with father. She told her friend that she went to grandma and they talked and talked and talked. it felt good to Claire.


I am gonna present what happened today.

Today i was doing homework for english. I did not understand what i must do so i done it like i think it is right. So i showed this homework to mom and it was not good so i needed to do it again. I went to the room and started over. Then my mom came to room and the homework was not made good again so mom started shouting. We went to dining room on the table and i read my homework. Mom told me how to do it and then i started writing it. When my mom shouts at me i think it is because she likes to shout at me but she says that she does not like to do it and she shout only because she wants good for me. At the end it is truth because a month ago i had to make paper guitar for art class. If she wont help me i will give up. She ySelled at me and i finally finished it. Today teacher wrote e mail that i got mark 5. i think it was worth it. And usually it is like that. First mom shouts and then i do good. So when i finish it then it feels good but in the making it does not. If i have anything to tell, i tell my mom.

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