Shopping is an activity that is very important for our life.

We go shopping once a week and we buy goods for all week. Usually I go with my father, sometimes I go alone.  When I go shopping alone I  go to the small market. If I go shopping for food and groceries I go to Hofer but if I need to buy new clothes I usually go to supermarket Supernova. In Hofer I usually buy bread, milk, juice, yoghurts and some candies. For bigger purchases  I go with my father. We always use a shopping list so that we don’t forget what to buy.

I like smaller shops,  I don’t like crowded places. In small local markets I can find all I need.  I dont want to support big  corporations, that is why I try to buy local food. Its better for the economy, environment  and better for me .Supermarkets where I can buy everything from food, fruit, vegetables and clothes I visit only sometimes. The advantages of supermarkets are: there is a wide choice of goods, cheaper prices and I can buy everything what I need at one place.

Urška Ogrin, 8.c



Internet shopping is great and bad at the same time. My experience is I can get there almost anything.

Once I ordered on a website, where I ordered things before and they were good but this time I got a product that was a different colour than in the picture. Instead of gold coulour I got pink gold. But I don’t mind it that much. And another time I got a different model than in the picture and it was cheap and it worked well.

So my experience is pretty ok. But let me give you a little tip: try to find the cheapest option but still don’t click on a thing that saunds too good to be true.

Luc Mikulan, 8.b


Shopping for presents

When I buy gifts I really think what the person needs. I usually buy reusable things. When i don’t know what to buy I give the person money or i make them a card why I am friends with them, why I love them or/and I buy them their favourite snack. The gifts I buy usually cost less than 20 euros.

Ana Luna Štupica, 8.a



These days ads can be found anywhere. They’re split into 2 groups: digital and physical.

Physical ads are generally more helpful than digital ones. They are found on billboards, normal signs in magazines and many more. The good thing about them is they don’t force you to look at them. On the other hand digital ads are a lot more forceful and annoying. Most of the time they’re utterly useless. But why are they so common you might ask, well, they make people money. Good examples are YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube you can find ads in every popular video, and that’s becasue they make the uploader money. I should say that ads are necessary for the internet, but when they are forced it can be extremly annoying. It also isn’t fair that people who steal content can earn money while the original creators aren’t even credited for their creation.

All in all, ads are necessary for the survival of entertainment but it’s getting to the point where you can’t watch a video without getting an unskippable ad or two. I condemn the overuse of ads and unoriginal content and praise original and fair content.

Janez Sukič, 8.c



Shopping is closely connected to producing a lot of waste and that’s why reducing, reusing and recycling are very important.

REDUCE: The word means using or buying less of something and not waste it. Buying nothing is still better for the earth than buying wisely or green. It’s the most important and the less popular because people have to change their lifestyle.

REUSE: It means using items in a different way.

RECYCLE: Recycling is using materials from old items to make something new. It’s the easiest and the most popular of the three.

 Lučka Patačko Koderman, 8.b

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