My trip started in Ljubljana, where we went on a bus, which took us to Milano. We drove for 5 hours, but it was a fun ride. On the airport we waited for 3 hours. Then we countinued our trip to Oslo. The flight was pretty calm and without turbulences. When we arrived our trainers picked us up by a van. Our Norway journey now begins.  We drove 6 more hours to Geilo. On the way we almost hit two mosses. That was quite scary. We were hungry so we stopped at Mc Donalds.This is my favourite restaurant by far. Our coaches disagree with us, beacuse they say this is junk food.

We came at 3 am, then we went to bed. When we arrived we unpacked our vans. The next day we didn’t go skiing, because we were tired from our trip.The next day we did school work and went to a swimming pool. Today we ate brekfast and then we went skiing. It was perfect and we had a giant slalom course. Then we had an 1.30 rest . Our apartments are awesome. We have a swimming pool and fitness, we can also use a sauna. At the evning we can sit in the living room by the fireplace.  It’s great here and I am having fun. We are staying here for a long time (20 days). My roomates are amazing and they are nice. We are staying at an apartment next to a ski resort and it’s very beautiful. Life here is great, we train skiing, do streching, prepare skis and, of course, do school stuff.

Matevž Svetličič, 9.a

And here is a picture of where we are staying:

Photo by: Matej Mencinger

(Skupno 176 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)

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