Let me write you a poem.

Writing a poem is a sign of weakness.

I haven’t written one for some time.

I will cry when we part. I am crying.

You will not shed a tear, I guess?

I am silly. I can see it. I can’t help. Why is it so?


Let me accept myself and you, the way we are

and be happy with it.

Life has got secrets that I don’t understand.


One part of me is tearing apart.

You will take the part of me with you. Maybe this is what is painful.

What part of me. The one that I have taken from you, the one I have profited from you.

You will take the whole of you with you. Maybe this is what is painful.

Do I want to own you or am I able to let you go freely?


And I am taking the part of you with me. This makes me happy. Thank you.



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