A few times a year we have a dance at our school. The dance is organised so we can make money for our final trip that will be at the end of the school year. And we put in a lot of work.

We made groups and every group was responsible for something: music, decorations… And in between the hours that were meant for our class we told each other what we had made. The teacher was often  anxious and telling us we won’t be able to organise the dance since there were a lot of students that besides doing trouble didn’t do anything, so who could blame her.

We managed to organise the dance: The Winter Dance. On the day of the dance we set up the decorations and the janitor helped us with the stereo. We listened to all kinds of music and if you wanted you could even sing a song. After the dance everybody went home but us, the nine graders. We had to clean the place. There was a lot of trash and popcorn on the floor. We sold all the food, had a lot of fun and made a lot of money.

Erazem Jazbinšek, 9.b

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