I think the working hours will stay the same or they will get longer.

If I want to prepare for the future schooling, I need to have good grades to go to the secondary school that I want to go to. I also need to search for the »jobs of the future« because I want to get the job as fast as I can, so that I can be independent. I already have good grades in school, I just have to go to a secondary school and then look for »jobs of the future«.

Eva Marinič

There are going to be more and more jobs where you sit behind a computer and work with some numbers. Handskills are not going to be as much appreciated as they should be. And also the working hours are going to be crazy.

For the future it is definitely important to know and speak languages. English, of course, and then German and French. But since China is getting stronger it could be possible that Chinese will grow into a worldwide spoken language. Besides that, it’s also important to use your brain a lot. Everyone wants some new interesting ideas. Of course, we always want new stuff when some other gets old. So these are the two most important things for the future.

Ana Černetič

I think that the majority of the jobs will be techology based. Jobs like a baker and cofectioner will no longer be around, because a lot of food will be made with chemistry and technology. Working hours will go down, because a lot of things will be made by robots and that will lead, that man made things will be more appreciated and expensive.

I have already started thinking about what is going to be popular in the future. And I have learnt that it’s not that important to be a good student and go to a good college to get a good job because  everybody already does that, and in most cases it doesn’t work out. So the one key to me, if I want to be successful is to stand out, and not to do what everybody else is already doing.

Erazem Jazbinšek

On internet

I think the biggest problem with the internet is not knowing, how to get off of it. And these things lead to the people always staying inside and never coming outside and not making new friend. My experience was that in the summer in the evening we always went outside and played basketball. One of my friends though, kept playing this stupid game and we all told him to stop, but he didn’t. It was some sort of addiction.

Erazem Jazbinšek

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