In the English class, some of the students read The Absolutley True diary of a Part-Time Indian  by Sherman Alexie. Book is basicly the title. It’s a diary written by a Part Time Indian, named Junior. The readers get to know him, his family and friends. He first talks about what life is like in the rez (short for reservation). The story begins when his school teacher gives him hope for bright future. Noone in the rez has hope and that’s why nobody fights for a bright future anymore. Most of the Indians spend all their money on cheap whiskey, because they think all of their problems are gone when they are drunk. Junior figures out what a sad hopeless place the rez is. He puts together lots of bravery and goes to a new school out of the rez. There aren’t any indians there. Only rich white people.

What happens there? What do his indian friends think about the new school? What happens to his family? That is something you will have to read yourselves. I bet you’ll like it.

Ana Černetič, 8.b

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