Fortnite is epic, 3rd person shooter, survival game. It is developed by EPIC GAMES and PCF (People Can Fly) and published by EPIC GAMES. The game was released on July 25th 2017 as a paid-for early access. You can play it on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, XBOX ONE and macOS. Full game will be available in 2018. There are 2 different types of playing Fortnite. You can play CO-OP against zombies and trying to save the world or as 1 of 100 people which fight for Victory Royale. In Fortnite you can buy skins for your character or your looting tool. You can also buy taunts and Season Passes. This pass gives you access for free skins, looting tools, gliders, taunts and other things by doing missions. The game starts when you jump from Battle Bus on the different map locations. First you need to find a gun to protect yourself. You need to stay in the safezone to stay alive.Last person alive wins. You can play with your friend as a duo or with squads (MAX 4 players). If your friends aren’t on line you can play solo too. There are different types of weapons: pistol, sub machinegun, assault rifle, LMG, rifle and sniper rifle. There are even exploding types of weapon like grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and grenades. There are different tiers of guns: Grey is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic and gold is legendary. The Fortnite has most players in the world. It is the best game. You even have building materials for buidling forts. There is wood, brick and iron. In this season the meteors destroyed half of the map. There is one gamemode when you need to fight against other players and Thanos (a character from the film The avangers: Infinity war).

The good side of this game is that is free, 8+ game and fun. My  opinion is that they need to make it more realistic and better graphic. There’s a lot of fun in this game. I like it.

Tim Šutić, 9.a

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